• We create Indonesian products with International taste and quality. Make us stand out among others

  • We manufacture wide variety of product categories ranging from wood carving, hangings, fashion accesories and many other products.

  • We are 100% responsible for our product quality. When a problem occurs from our side, we take full responsibility and you can request for a money refund.

Welcome To Yani's Gallery

We offer you a new experience for handicrafts, display store and women's accessories. We also create customized products with creative design.

Our Great Work

We have many talented artisan to create handicrafts from any material such as Buffalo Horn, Rattan, Coconut Fiber, Bamboo , Banana Bark, Water Hyacinth, Old Java Teak and other materials.

Corporate Value

Deliver high quality handicrafts is our pleasure. We have many experience in creating magnificent handicraft from many material. We think that our customer deserve to get the fine art.

Grow Together

We hope we can grow together, not only buy and sell. As a Business to Business (B2B) corporate in Indonesia, our partner success is our success too. Lets build better world through handicrafts.


We manufacture wide variety of product categories ranging from wood carving, hangings, fashion accessories and many other products. We create Indonesian products with International taste and quality. Make us stand out among others

Natural Color Coconut Wood Spoon 16 January 18
Coconut Spoon With Hole in the Middle 16 January 18
Natural Coconut Fork Handicraft 16 January 18
Exotic Natural Fiber Basket 15 June 17
Banana Rope Square Basket 15 June 17
Natural Water Hyacinth Basket 15 June 17
Purple Small Box 7 June 17
Wood Craft Mannequin 6 June 17
Artistic Luggage Blue Ocean 6 June 17

Yanis Gallery! Indonesia Crafts Exporter

Call Us +62274 451964 Please contact us for everything you need.

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