9 Advantages of Rattan Basket You Must Know

Rattan is a natural material which is a type of ‘palma with unlimited power. As one of the tropical countries in Asia, Indonesia is often lined up as the largest rattan producer in the world. Therefore, do not be surprised if you can often find a variety of rattan creations, good for small trinkets such as baskets, until large furniture such as home furnishings. Due to that fact, these crafts are often exported to many countries.

The attractive and excessive nature of rattan makes it one of the most popular materials for craftsmen in home appliances or other creative industries. This time, we will discuss mainly about rattan basket product which is one of the trademark of handmade rattan products.

What are the advantages of rattan basket compared to baskets of other materials? Consider just some greatness of the basket of rattan material as a consideration of your household appliance shopping as follows.

1. Environmentally Friendly

Rattan is one of the most accessible natural ingredients in the world. This is because the rattan trees grow easily grow at a fairly high speed. Rattan is also generally minimal maintenance, both in terms of harvesting to transportation. How to harvest rattan usually only rely on some simple harvesting tools and easy to move from one place to another. This is to be number one from advantages of rattan basket.

That is, rattan is not only a natural material that is environmentally friendly, but also does not leave a lot of negative impacts of harvesting and transportation. Compared to plastic materials, rattan baskets are much more friendly to the environment around us.

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2. Flexible

One of the most superior properties of rattan is its flexibility. If you put a lot of items at once into the basket, the rattan basket is not only able to load many objects, but also will not lose its original shape. No need to worry your rattan basket is crooked, broken, or damaged because it is very flexible for all storage needs.

3. Resistant

Compared to bamboo or plastic, rattan is also more wear resistant, especially for purposes outside the home. The rattan basket you use for the decoration on the garden table can be used long because the rattan can face various types of weather. With proper handling, rattan baskets can also be worn for years.

4. Easy Care

One of the advantages of rattan again is the maintenance is quite easy. For rattan baskets, generally enough to be cleaned of dust stuck with a regular cloth. To get more perfect results, you can also use wet cloth periodically. Thus, your rattan basket will be more durable. Very good point advantages of rattan basket. Do you agree?

5. Light but Strong

Can be used for indoor or outdoor purposes, rattan basket is very light weight and easily lifted everywhere. However, do not doubt the ability of the rattan basket to be filled with heavy objects.

Nothing wrong if you use a basket of rattan as a basketball laundry because it can load a lot of clothing belonging to members of the house and easily appointed to the laundry area. Rattan baskets are also reliable for storage of other items at home.

6. Affordable

Back to the abundant raw materials of rattan, this makes it a fairly affordable production for the wider community. Not the rare existence of rattan makes the price of this material also quite friendly for your wallet.

7. Decorations Suitable for Any Atmosphere

Rattan baskets are also often used as home decoration for various atmosphere. His appearance is clean, calm, and neat make it a friend of the interior is quite stunning and have a high function. Rattan baskets can also be colored and combined with fabric as a sweetener room.

In addition, the variations of rattan baskets seem to never run out of style. Depending on the creativity of the craftsmen, various shapes, colors, and sizes of rattan baskets can be presented to suit the tastes of each different person. If you have other opinion about this advantages of rattan basket, please share in comment area.

8. Artistic Matting

Rattan weaving with a wide variety of types, shapes, and sizes presents a distinctive impression that is rarely found in the basket with other materials. Compared basket made from plastic or bamboo, the texture of woven rattan is usually more interesting and make it has high artistic value.

9. Multi functional

The processing of rattan into a basket provides many unlimited functions. Starting from the decoration, storage, laundry basket, baby basket, pet bed, to be used as a basket for daily shopping needs, rattan basket provides many benefits.

With all the advantages of wicker baskets from rattan compared to other material baskets, it’s no wonder rattan basket products are popular for use anywhere in the world. Rattan basket products increasingly loved and hunted fans because it is one of the rattan handmade creations are useful. Are you one of them? Look forward to other helpful reviews on products with handmade creations in Indonesia.

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