Appreciation From the Minister of Trade in 1987

Yanis Gallery is one of the handicraft providers from Yogyakarta. We established since 1978 and have been serving many demand of handicraft items both from home and abroad. Yanis Gallery started from a small company that provides silver handicrafts, but over time, we grow and supply a wide range of handicraft items.

One proof of our active participation in advancing the Indonesian economy. We have been participating in craft exhibition events ever since. Whether organized by the Ministry of Trade or by others. We strive to continue to reach the company both home and abroad to then be able to meet the needs of their handicrafts.

Appreciation From Minister of Trade to Yanis Gallery in 1978

Certificate of Appreciation From Minister Rahmat Saleh

President Soeharto is one of Indonesia’s 2nd president who brought much economic progress. Although President Soeharto’s emphasis is on agriculture, it also does not forget the creative industry sector. Through the Ministry of Trade of Indonesia under Minister Rahmat Saleh, there was an exhibition of export products in 1987. And Yanis Gallery as one of the participants in the event.

Currently we are not only providing silverware. Yanis Gallery grows into a company that provides various types of crafts in Indonesia. Begin craft with leather raw material, teak wood, water hyacinth, banana peel, horn and so on. We can help meet your handicraft needs with good quality results.

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