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Water Buffalo Horn Handicrafts – Indonesia is one country that has many water buffalo animals. Naturally, buffaloes are ruminant animals that are widely available in Asia. In addition to Indonesia, water buffalo is also found in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Vietnam, China, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand. Water buffalo is one of the ruminant animals, this animal can weigh about 300 kg to 600 kg.

Buffalo is a much-kept animal in Indonesia. Because Indonesia is a country with a very wide agricultural land and buffalo used to plow the fields. The presence of buffalo in Indonesia is currently decreasing because many farmers who have used tractors to cultivate the land. Nevertheless, there are still areas in Indonesia that still have many buffalo breeders, such as in Kudus Central Java and Tana Toraja South Sulawesi.

What makes these two places still have a lot of buffalo breeders. Kudus was formerly an area with Hindu inhabitants on the island of Java, when Islam came, religious leaders did not encourage people who had embraced Islam to eat beef, to respect Hindu inhabitants in Kudus. And it’s still going on. While in Tana Toraja buffalo used for various ceremonies there.

The Advantages of the Buffalo Horn

As one of the ingredients for handicraft, buffalo horns certainly have the advantage that make the buffalo horn handicraft products exported abroad such as Germany, Italy, England, Australia, America and many other countries. The advantages of buffalo horn are:

a. Processed Naturally
Buffalo buffalo craft generally do not use additional coloring materials such as paint and the like. The natural color of the polished buffalo horn already has a strong appeal.

b. Does not pollute the environment
Horn is a natural material that does not pollute the environment. Unlike plastic. Therefore, horn craft when it is not used remains good for the environment.

c. Large Size and Easy to Form
Buffalo and cow horns are among the horns that are easily processed into crafts, because the limestone contained therein is not much and the horn has a toxic substance. Compared to cow horns, the size of the buffalo horn is much larger. Can be easily processed into various types of crafts.

Kind of Craft From Horn

Here is an example of a craft commonly made from buffalo horn. However Yanis Gallery does not rule out the possibility to create a craft form in accordance with the buyer’s order. The result of buffalo horn handicrafts include:

Water Buffalo Horn Handicrafts - Cigarette Pipe

Cigarette Pipe

Water Buffalo Horn Handicrafts - Comb

Comb From Water Buffalo Horn

Water Buffalo Horn Handicraft - Spoon

Antique Spoon

Water Buffalo Horn Handicrafts - Ring


Water Buffalo Horn Handicrafts - Bracelet


Water Buffalo Horn Handicrafts - Neklace From Indonesia

Necklace From Indonesia

Water Buffalo Horn Handicrafts - Glasses Frame

Glasses Frame Buffalo Horn

Price of Buffalo Horn Handicrafts

Price of Indonesian buffalo horn handicraft products vary widely, ranging from cheap to expensive depending on the complexity and taste of art crafts. Price of buffalo horn craft from $ 5 to $ 200. Yanis Gallery can do buffalo horn handicraft with competitive price and good quality.

How To Order and Buy

Yanis Gallery is a Business to Business (B2B) company in handicrafts. We established in 1978 and already have a lot of experience in handicrafts. To order buffalo horn handicraft, please email us at [email protected]. Gladly we will answer and meet the demand of your buffalo horn handicraft product.

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