Where To Buy Water Hyacinth Basket In Indonesia

Buy water hyacinth basket – Indonesia is one of the countries with high rainfall in the world. Due to the amount of rainfall, naturally formed many lakes and swamps. The existence of lakes and swamps is an ideal place to grow from water hyacinth. Water Hyacinth is one of the floating aquatic plants that have the Latin name Eichhornia Crassipes.

Water Hyacinth is also known as Kelipuk in Palembang, Ritidak in Lampung, Tumpe in Manado, and Ilung-ilung in Dayak area. But in most regions of Indonesia known as Enceng Gondok.

Water Hyacinth in the River

Water Hyacinth

This plant was first discovered by a German botanist meaning Carl Friedrich Philipp Von Martius accidentally while exploring the Amazon River, Brazil.

In the classification of Water Hyacinth pertained:

  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Division: Magnoliophyta
  • Class: Liliopsida
  • Order: Commelianales
  • Family: Pontederiaceae
  • Genus: Eichhornia, Kunth
  • Species: E. Crassipes

Water Hyacinth is often regarded as a weed that destroys the aquatic ecosystem because of its rapid growth nature and easily spread from one body of water to another body of water.

In addition, Water Hyacinth often block the entry of sunlight into the waters so that living creatures that are in these waters will lack of vitamins and make it difficult to breathe.

Benefits of Water Hyacinth For Crafts

Although often considered weeds, this plant has many benefits other than used as a craft material. This plant is believed to absorb heavy metals and pesticides. While as a raw material handicraft, water hyacinth can be processed into the following forms:

1. Bag

Water Hyacinth Bags - Indonesia Product Export


2. Basket

Buy Water Hyacinth Basket From Indonesia


3. Sandal

Buy Water Hyacinth Handicraft Indonesia


4. Hat

Water Hyacinth Hat From Bromo Indonesia


5. Tablecloth

Water Hyacinth Tablecloth Indonesia


How to Make Handicraft From Water Hyacinth

1. Looking for Water Hyacinth

Finding water hyacinth is the first job we have to do. Actually can buy that is dry and ready to be processed anyway, but less greget.

We can look for water hyacinth along the river. If you do not want to bother to ask the same people around aja, but do not forget to be given something as our gratitude yes.

In addition we collect water hyacinth for crafting, can while cleaning the river flow from this one pest. One paddle, two three islands exceeded, it’s cool.

2. Washing Hyacinth

Well, after we get the water hyacinth, then the next step is to cleanse itself of the dirt and remove odor. Wash it too easy anyway, just spray using clean water and threshed by slammed.

3. Separating Hyacinth From the Stalk

Once clean, then the water hyacinth is sorted. Separate between the stems with the leaves, this stage aims to classify which materials will be made into bags or other crafts. Separation can be done by using a knife or scissors of a large size. Use the tool because if we separate using the empty hand will be difficult. Water hyacinth is tough and hard.

4. Drying Hyacinth

After the stems and leaves are separated, the next step is drying. The easiest it dries under the sun, you can also lho all sunbathing with the water hyacinth. In addition to the easiest, drying by way of drying will also produce a good quality water hyacinth than the oven dried or other dryers.
5. Creating Craft Patterns

Once we get a dry hyacinth, we create a pattern of handicrafts will be made. This pattern makes it easy to make a product. If there is a pattern of our work so much easier, just follow the pattern.

6. Wipe the Water Hyacinth

Well, after there is a pattern of living we make matting or maybe knitted from water hyacinth that has been dry. Patterns are usually used when we make webbing, but if you want to make a bag or knit, we can design with ordinary drawings. So we just copied the image or pattern that already exist to produce the same product. Ordinary handicraft producers make different designs, so each product just made a little bit. It’s meant to make products that are not common in the market. So not many people have and definitely higher selling prices.

7. Finishing

At this stage we live add accessories, colors or maybe given a cloth for the craft become more beautiful again. In addition to adding knick knacks at this stage we also have to check the webbing that we have created. Do not let the product there is a defect or damage when it will be marketed.

Marketing of Water Hyacinth Handicraft

Various types of handicrafts from water hyacinth much favored by the community. Good for domestic market and abroad. The study of water hyacinth in the form of basket, furniture and bags are widely exported to overseas such as United States, Canada, Germany, England, France, Japan and so on.

Where To Buy Hyacinth Basket

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