Chemical Handling Training 2017

Yanis Gallery as one of the handicraft companies in Indonesia continues to maintain the safety commitment for its employees. We realize that every job has its own risks. No job is really safe. For that need to be done various kinds of briefing on employees to know the various risks in the work and how to overcome it. A few months ago in the year 2017 we have been conducting fire fighting fire training for every employee. In August 2017, Yanis Gallery conducted a training on chemical introduction and how to deal with chemicals in work. This chemistry introduction training was delivered by Mr. Desetya, a consultant who has experience in the field of work safety related to chemicals.

At the beginning of the presentation, Mr. Desetya explained about the importance of safety aspects to employees. There are many people waiting for us to be safe at home like our wives and children. Then he explained the various types of hazardous chemicals, chemical symbols and the handling of hazardous chemical accidents. Explanation from Mr. Desetya more interesting with the existence of some interactive video about handling dangerous chemicals.

Mr Desetya Explain About Chemical Handling

The result that Yanis Gallery would like to see is the increasing quality of every employee’s work. So aside from being able to produce works in the form of typical Indonesian and contemporary craft in accordance with the order, the workers are getting quiet work because understand how to deal with various job risks.

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