Code of ETHICS Training in Yanis Gallery

Yanis Gallery always strives to improve the understanding of the workplace to every employee. Therefore, the management of Yanis Gallery held training code of conduct. This training is intended for every employee. The purpose of training code of conduct is:

To notify and provide an understanding to employees regarding the criteria of the Code of Conduct which establishes the policies, procedures and conditions of the main working environment that affect the productivity of the enterprise. To provide an understanding to employees regarding applicable labor laws and local regulations.

Code of conduct training in Yanis Gallery

Ms Sunny Explain about Code of Conduct

There are 14 criteria from CODE of ETHICS (Code of Conduct) delivered. The 14 criteria are as follows:

1. Obey the Law
2. Minimum Wage and Profit
3. Maximum Working Hours
4. No Labor Forced
5. No Labor Is Still Under Age
6. Health and Safety
7. No discrimination
8. No Body Punishment (Physical)
9. Freedom of Association / Friendship
10. Anti-Corruption / Anti-Bribery
11. Environment
12. Community Involvement
13. Access
14. Subcontracting / Subcontracting

Expected by the training of the code of ethics. There will be a better understanding of the code of ethics. Which in turn will improve employee and company welfare.

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