Exclusive Jewelry Organizer Box From Indonesia Handicraft Supplier

Jewelry Organizer Box – Who does not like jewelry? Whether male or female, jewelry is a valuable item to have. There are many motives to have jewelry, such as for daily life wearing, as an investment or collection. People who like jewelry not only come from certain countries only. People in every country of the world love jewelry, though the jewelry features and jewels are different. For example, the jewelry character favored by European society will be different from the Asian community. The type of jewelry that Americans like, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and France will make a difference.

Exclusive Jewelry Organizer Box From Indonesia Handicraft Supplier

Indonesian Type of Silver Earring Jewelry

There are many jewelry enthusiasts around the world. It appears many kinds of business related to jewelry. Starting from the providers of raw materials for jewelry, jewelry manufacturers, jewelry stores to jewelry equipment manufacturers. Yanis Gallery as one of the handicraft company in Indonesia can make jewelry and various accessories of jewelry display equipment. One of them is the jewelry organizer box.

There are many types of jewelry known by the public. Starting from jewelry in the form of earrings, bracelets, rings, piercings, crowns, necklaces and others. Raw materials for making jewelry are also many, such as precious stones, semi precious stones, gold, silver, brass, white gold, diamonds, horns and others. Special jewelry needs to be placed in a special place as well. That’s why it needs a jewelry box organizer or jewelry box trays. Note : we can also produce jewelry organizer stand for your company.

Jewelry boxes are required by individuals and stores. With the jewelry box, jewelry becomes more tidy and easy to store. So that will minimize jewelry lost or damaged by impact. Yanis Gallery is one of the most experienced companies in making jewelry boxes. Our company has made many kinds of display accessories accessories and can make various kinds according to customer’s requirement. Here are some examples of jewelry boxes we’ve ever made.

Want To Order Jewelry Display Box From Indonesia?

If your answer is Yes, you can trust Yanis Gallery. We are a company located in Yogyakarta, Central Java Indonesia. We can create stunning pieces of jewelry organizer trays for a your beautiful jewelry shop. Inspired by Western classicism yet forged by Javanese craftsmen, the Yanis Gallery is a collaboration of traditional Indonesian techniques and modern methods for refinement. Our singular pursuit is to produce beautiful jewelry display products that will stand the test of time. Our company can make custom design for jewelry display, small businesses that are sustained by our long term approach to doing business, properly rewarded by our fair trading philosophy. Let me know your need at [email protected]. We’ve been exporting many handicraft to many countries including USA, north America, south America, Europe, Dutch, England and other countries. If can’t buy in bulk, please contact us for further agreement to order jewelry organizer box or trays from us.


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