Exhibition of Export Craft by Disperindag Yogyakarta

The Indonesian government has always supported the progress of the keraj industry in various places. One of them is the craft in Yogyakarta. This is evidenced by the many varieties of training and exhibition held by the Office of Industry and Trade of Yogyakarta Province. The latest is a craft exhibition and export quality craft on 8 to 11 March 2018 at Hartono Mall Yogyakarta. Hartono Mall is very easy to find, you can use taxi or rent car to go there.

Art Exhibition in Yogyakarta 2018

Main stage

In this exhibition selected only a few dozen handicraft business Yogyakarta. The selection process is done because there are so many handicrafts business in Jogja. We are one of the few dozen SMEs in Yogyakarta who are honored to be the craft exhibitors.

In these activities we bring some interesting products and export quality. The first is a wooden mannequin, its unique shape being the center of attention for the visitors. Because usually the mannequin in the clothing store is a mannequin of plastic or fiberglass, the wooden mannequins look unique and exclusive.

Yanis Gallery Booth

Our Booth

In addition we also carry wooden household products, ranging from wood bowls, wooden cutters, wooden spoons, wooden forks, wooden sauces and others. Some even want to buy wood products directly because of the form of kitchen equipment of good wood and natural color. But because we sell these products in a lot then with a heavy heart can not serve the request.

Other products that attract the attention of the visitors at our booth are the glasses of buffalo horns and wooden glasses. Exotic frame shape combined with quality materials used to make these glasses can grab the attention of the visitors. We are grateful to participate in the exhibition, and look forward to many activities that promote handicraft products from Yogyakarta.

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