14 Interesting Facts About Teak Wood in Indonesia

For lovers of wood products, you must be familiar with the name of teak wood. This type of wood is often worshiped because it has a beautiful texture and fiber if processed into various objects. But not just beautiful, this one type of wood is also strong so many selected manufacturers to produce high quality durable products and strong.

For any handmade products, teak not infrequently become the basis for producing a variety of unique and interesting products. Especially in Indonesia, it is not difficult to find this type of wood, especially in the area of ​​Java Island. Even the city of Jepara located in Central Java still expected as a city of teak wood craftsmen that are unrivaled in the world. The products produced also vary, ranging from the usual like furniture, cutlery, glasses, accessories, gadget casing, and much more.

The facts above may have been commonplace you heard all this time. But wait, in fact there are many teak facts that you may not have guessed before. What are the facts about this type of wood? Let’s see other facts about teak below!

1. Initially existed only in four countries

Source : Teak4life

Actually not all countries have this type of wood. Even at first only four countries in the world have teak tree seeds, namely Myanmar, India, Thailand, and Laos. Along with the easy access of transportation, now almost in all countries of the world can be found products from teak, but not with the tree.

2. All ships in the world could use teak wood as its base material

Interesting Facts About Teak in Indonesia - ship with teak wood

Source : Danielle Jenkin

This fact is true. Because it is considered strong and waterproof, all ship manufacturers in the past made a ship of teak wood. However, since the Industrial Revolution era, its use has been replaced by iron or steel which is considered economical or more affordable.

3. Teak trees in Indonesia come from India

Interesting Facts About Teak in Indonesia - India

Now in Indonesia there are many teak trees even become one of the largest exporter of teak wood to the world. Thank India. It was Bollywood that sent teak tree seeds to Indonesia in the fifteenth century, precisely when Hindu kingdoms were developing in the archipelago.

4. Teak can also be bearing rails

Interesting Facts About Teak in Indonesia - railway train

Railroad bearing from teak wood

For those of you who like to ride the mode of transportation on this one rail, you may not realize there are some rail pads mae of wood. Although now the majority of rail bearings made of steel, formerly teak pads had popular. Teak wood can be used as rail pads because it is not easy to rot and not easily curved as well.

5. Presidential Trophy Cup was made from teak wood!

This one football event has just ended and produced Persib as champion. Instead of using gold or metal to make trophies, teakwood is the subject of the President Cup trophy! The author is Ida Bagus Ketut Lasem who is a craftsman from Gianyar, Bali.

6. Contains natural oils

Interesting Facts About Teak in Indonesia - natural color

Table & Stool From Teak Wood

One of the reasons teak wood is often used as the basic material because this wood is not preferred termites and other insects. Teak wood is also flexible and sturdy when exposed to water. That’s all because this type of wood contains natural oils. This oil can keep the wood from the water or prevent it from wrinkling.

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7. The height can reach 50 meters

Tall trees are not a strange thing, but if the height can reach the 15-story building, of course it is amazing. It can be found in the teak tree that is getting older, the height will be more uphill.

8. The more leaves the younger

Teak wood is widely used is the old wood because it is considered more powerful and flexible. To determine it is not difficult, apart from the diameter, the general measurement of teak can be from the number of leaves that in tree. The more leaves, meaning the age of the tree is still young.

9. Looks beautiful without varnish

In order to look beautiful, wood furniture usually undergoes a vermic process to look more shiny. However, this process can be skipped when printing products from teak wood. Teak wood will essentially look a bit shiny because it contains natural oils.

10. The color is not only brown

Interesting Facts About Teak in Indonesia - teak wood color

Teak wood color

Wood in general is brown, but teak wood has its own uniqueness. Sometimes the bark of the teak tree can be grayish and very suitable for wallpaper. Many colored teak bark, which is grayish brown.

11. Grow well even in dry and calcareous areas

Teak trees are not plants that require high rainfall. Although often found in tropical areas, this tree will grow better if planted in dry and calcareous areas, such as in Central Java and East Java. No wonder Jepara in Central Java supplies a lot of teak for both national and export.

12. The price goes up 10 percent each year

In addition to precious metals, it turns out teak could be your alternative to invest loh. Just imagine, until now known, the price of teak can soar 10 percent each year. This year alone, the price of teak wood per cubic meter has ranged from Rp 12 million to Rp 18 million. Wow!

13. Smother when dry

Interesting Facts About Teak in Indonesia - summer teak wood

For this one fact, try deh you remember about the lesson when elementary school. So when facing the hot weather in the dry season, the tree liver leaves the leaves in order to survive. Well, this phenomenon is known as molt.

14. It could be a cholera drug

In addition to making good things for handicrafts and furniture, it turns out teak can also be beneficial to health. If you are cholera, brewing teak wood can be a powerful way to cure it.

Those are some interesting facts from teak wood. By getting to know these facts, you may be more interested in having these strong wooden furniture. If you want to have unique teak handicrafts and different from others, look at handmade products in Yanis Gallery could be your choice now!


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