Grebeg UMKM, Attractive Exhibition in Yogyakarta

The construction of Kulon Progo new airport, New Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA) and Airport City give new hope for the expansion of DIY economic activity that will contribute to the improvement of people’s welfare. We hope travel industries, rent car, travel bus can get benefit, and also offcourse handicraft industries like us, Yanis Gallery.

To maximize the benefits of the existence of NYIA Yogyakarta needs to prepare themselves in all aspects, including the increasing role of UMKM (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises). Yogyakarta as a city of tourism and creative economy has the potential of UMKM abundant.

Opening Speech in Grebeg UMKM Jogja

Increasing the role and quality of UMKM will open up opportunities for economic and employment activities for communities affected by the transfer of land functions for airport development. UMKM DIY needs to be continuously encouraged to be able to produce creative products of high value and international standard.

Grebek UMKM Yogyakarta Jogja Welcoming New Airport “is a form of synergy between the components of society, business actors and the Government of DIY and Kulon Progo, and Bank Indonesia for the development of UMKM DIY.

Grebeg UMKM Bank Indonesia in order to welcome the new airport New Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA) in Kulon Progo suck the enthusiasm of the community. There are an estimated 3,500 more visitors who have attended the event held from 2 to 4 December at the Jogja Expo Center (JEC).

Delegation from Bank Indonesia visit Yanis Gallery booth

In addition to seminars, talk shows, and counseling business, this event was also enlivened by the exhibition of 70 products of UMKM Premium. The superior products were imported from the representatives of several regions in the DIY region.

Head of Representative of Bank Indonesia DIY, Budi Hanoto, said that the excellent products that are exhibited in Grebeg UMKM has been through the selection of the Curator Team. Thus, the products exhibited in Grebeg UMKM is a premium product that has the potential of global competitiveness to welcome the national and foreign tourists. We from Yanis Gallery are involved in the event. An honor from us, can participate in such prestigious event.

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