Hermes Horn Jewelry, Symbol of Women Luxury Style

Hermes Horn Jewelry – Who doesn’t know about Hermes? What is Hermes? It is intuitive. Hermès is about surprise, unexpected things, not a dogma. There are no rules. Except, however on the billiards table. One strike and you’re out, that was quoted by Bali Barret. He is one of the Hermès mastermind. This family empire business established by Thierry Hermes. They launched its ready to wear and accessories lines which include Hermes horn pendant and silk scarves. Hermes is steadily moving to the digital space and you can get your luxury item right to your doorstep. They have an online shop dedicated to the scarves and all their wide range of selections, the house of squares or La Maison des Carrés.

Hermes Jewelry horn logo

Hermes Paris Logo

Small Fact About Hermes

As of today, the Hermes brand is still a synonym for elegant luxurious craftsmanship and legendary handbags makers and amazing Hermes horn jewelry such as pendant, bracelet and earring.Hermes horn jewelry was created by Hermes. It’s founded in 1837 as a harness shop and now become the leading brand for luxury and craftsmanship.

Before we talk about Hermes horn jewelry, there are some facts that we need to know behind this orange box legacy :

  • The name. The meaning Hermès comes from the Greek god of messengers and commerce

  • The house. It was started as saddle and harness maker and now has been existence for 180 years

  • The first luxury brands that launch an ecommerce site in 2001

  • Kelly bag and Birkin bag was named after Princess Grace Kelly and actress Jane Birkin.

  • There is a cafe and bookstore inside their Paris store on rue de Sèvres.

  • The original box was originally cream colored than mustard colored with a brown edging. After second world war then the first orange box came out.

  • Hermes received the packaging Oscar for their folding orange boxes in 1994.

  • There are at least 188 sizes of orange boxes available at their store.

  • For making 1000 scarves, the Hermes needs the length equal to the distance between the moon and the earth.

  • The 6th generation of the family, Pierre Alexis Dumas is the company’s artistic director.He needs to prove that he was the right person for that position, not just because he is part of the family legacy.

  • Pierre Alexis Dumas, the president of Hermes was the founder of The Fondation D’Enterprise Hermès. The foundation is promoting traditional skills, education, training, creative crafts, and environments concern

  • On each of Hermes boutique around the world, there is always a different window concept. All have a unique setting base on the location.

Hermes horn jewelry collection is the accessories that the rich and famous can’t get enough of. Even though diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, there is an entire host of other jewelry that the celebrities keep in their arsenal. You will begin to notice that this horn jewelry is the favorite of celebrities as it keeps popping up over and over again on the red carpet. All the A list clan is just crazy about this accessories.

Besides the horn material, in the bracelet department, stars are equally big fans of Hermes’ enamel bracelet. It comes in several colors, including silver, gold, black and the brand’s signature a famous orange color. Celebrities like Eva Longoria, Victoria Beckham, and former Spice Girl Mel B (Melanie Janine Brown) have all been seen sporting the bracelet. They either wear one on its own or several stacked in the same color or mix it all together. This exclusive bracelet typically retails for $700 to $900. After 180 years in the business industry, Hermès has been at the center of the fashion’s biggest status symbols. It is from Kelly bag to Hermes horn jewelry.

Product of Hermes Horn Jewelry

Hermes as a luxury brand creates many kind of jewelry from horn. From the official website, we will know that Hermes creates horn earrings, horn bracelets, horn pendant, horn necklaces and horn accessories. Yanis Gallery as expert jewelry maker can create stunning jewelry horn for you. With your custom design, same quality as Hermes Jewelry or even above. Here is list of Hermes horn jewelry.

Horn Pendants

Hermes creates luxury and simple horn pendants. From Hermes website until now (September 2017), there are several kind of models like : Opus, Minimale, Fidelio Pigment, Isthme Pigment, Lift PM, Fidelio, Isthme, Kuartz, Moko, Neree, Natura and Kara.

Hermes Horn Jewelry - Pendant Horn Jewelry

Horn Pendant by Hermes Paris

Horn Earrings

Hermes creates luxury and simple horn earrings. From Hermes website until now (September 2017), there are several kind of models like : Opus, Pigment, Minimale, Hava, Neree, Isthme, Mayance Earring, Osmose.

Hermes Horn Jewelry - Earring Horn Jewelry

Horn Earring by Hermes Paris

Horn Bracelets

Hermes creates luxury and simple horn earrings. From Hermes website until now (September 2017), there is only one type of bracelet. Ano Pigment Hermes bracelet in lacquered wood with available colors : orange fruité/papaye/bleu, and the price about $360.00.

Hermes Horn Jewelry - Bracelet Horn Jewelry

Bracelet Horn by Hermes Paris

Horn Necklaces

Hermes creates luxury and simple horn necklaces. From Hermes website until now (September 2017), there are several kind of models like : Opus, Pigment, Hava, Neree, Kuartz, Mayance,Mayance Short,Mayance Long, Osmose and Karamba.

Hermes Horn Jewelry - Necklace Horn Jewelry

Necklace Horn by Hermes Paris

Horn Hair Accessories

Hermes creates luxury and simple horn hair accessories. From Hermes website until now (September 2017), there are only two models, pigment and minimale.

Hermes Horn Jewelry - Hair Accessories Horn Jewelry

Hair Accessories by Hermes

Another Amazing Fact of Hermes Horn Jewelry

Hermès using an elaborate stamped date code system for their jewelry. All Hermès leather goods including its handbags and jewelry are all stamped with series of letters and shapes. It is to identify when the item was made for example if the bag was stamped with an E of the circle means it is produced in 1976. If the R inside the square it means was made in 2014.

Hermès was the first brand that adopts the stamp code system that is known as blind stamp because it is embossed into the leather without any color. This stamp will sometimes appear uneven or quite faint because it was all hand stamped to show the exclusivity. Not only the date code, the are additional stamp that can trace back who’s the artisan or what shop that produced this specific exclusive leather goods.

This code is really helpful when you need to double check the authenticity of this piece. You can cross reference the date code and the product listing to ensure that the stamp and the description are aligned the correct item, especially if the items are pre owned or buying not at their boutique. Hermes leather collection is another collection from Hermes beside Hermes horn jewelry.

Need High Quality Jewelry Like Hermes Paris?

If your answer is Yes, you can trust Yanis Gallery. We are a company located in Yogyakarta, central java Indonesia. We can create stunning pieces of horn jewelry with the same quality as Hermes Paris have or even more. Inspired by Western classicism yet forged by Javanese craftsmen, the Yanis Gallery is a collaboration of traditional Indonesian techniques and modern methods for refinement. Our singular pursuit is to produce beautiful jewelry products that will stand the test of time. Our company can make custom design for jewelry from buffalo horn, small businesses that are sustained by our long term approach to doing business, properly rewarded by our fair trading philosophy. Let me know your need at [email protected] , we can be your best choice for handicraft company / handicraft supplier / handicraft manufacturer from Indonesia. Call or email us, we give quick response. Good quality and reasonable price. We’ve been exporting many handicraft to many countries including USA, north America, south America, Europe, Qatar, other Middle East country and others . If can’t buy in bulk, please contact us for detail agreement. Remember, Yogyakarta always becomes the center of the makers of horn jewelry wholesale in Indonesia.


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