Exclusive Horn Jewelry Wholesale From Java Indonesia

Horn jewelry wholesale from the center of Indonesia, Java.When people think about Indonesia, they don’t only think about Bali, there are many beautiful province in Indonesia such as Yogyakarta, Papua, Aceh and so on. In fact, there are even some people think Bali is a country. Bali is a beautiful small island of the many that make up this one Indonesia. But Yogyakarta as the center of Java Island is also exotic place.

Yogyakarta and Jewelry Horn

Yogyakarta is not only famous for horn jewelry wholesale but also for its forested volcanic mountain, beaches, especially in Gunung Kidul area. Prambanan temple is one of the important religious sites in Indonesia beside Borobudur temple, Prambanan is the second biggest temple in Indonesia. You can also go to Kraton Yogyakarta, a place where you can find magnificent kind from royal family kingdom of Yogyakarta.

Horn Jewelry Wholesale Indonesia

Buffalo Horn – Raw Material for Horn Jewelry

Indonesia is one country that has many water buffalo animals. Naturally, buffaloes are ruminant animals that are widely available in Asia. In addition to Indonesia, water buffalo is also found in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Vietnam, China, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand. Water buffalo is one of the ruminant animals, this animal can weigh about 300 kg to 600 kg.

Buffalo is a much-kept animal in Indonesia. Because Indonesia is a country with a very wide agricultural land and buffalo used to plow the fields. The presence of buffalo in Indonesia is currently decreasing because many farmers who have used tractors to cultivate the land. Nevertheless, there are still areas in Indonesia that still have many buffalo breeders, such as in Kudus Central Java and Tana Toraja South Sulawesi.

What makes these two places still have a lot of buffalo breeders. Kudus was formerly an area with Hindu inhabitants on the island of Java, when Islam came, religious leaders did not encourage people who had embraced Islam to eat beef, to respect Hindu inhabitants in Kudus. And it’s still going on. While in Tana Toraja buffalo used for various ceremonies there. Here in Yogyakarta, we can make a lot of jewelry from horn. With horn we can make many jewelry such as necklace horn, horn pendant, horn earring jewelry, bracelet horn and other kind of jewelry from horn.

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Want To Order Horn Jewelry Wholesale?

If your answer is Yes, you can trust Yanis Gallery. We are a company located in Yogyakarta, central java Indonesia. We can create stunning pieces of horn jewelry. Inspired by Western classicism yet forged by Javanese craftsmen, the Yanis Gallery is a collaboration of traditional Indonesian techniques and modern methods for refinement. Our singular pursuit is to produce beautiful jewelry products that will stand the test of time. Our company can make custom design for jewelry from buffalo horn, small businesses that are sustained by our long term approach to doing business, properly rewarded by our fair trading philosophy. Let me know your need at [email protected] , we can be your best choice for handicraft company / handicraft supplier / handicraft manufacturer from Indonesia. Call or email us, we give quick response. Good quality and reasonable price. We’ve been exporting many handicraft to many countries including USA, north America, south America, Europe, Caribbean. If can’t buy in bulk, please contact us for detail agreement. Remember, Yogyakarta always becomes the center of the makers of horn jewelry wholesale in Indonesia.





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