5 Indonesia Rattan Furniture Products You Must Have

Indonesia Rattan Furniture – Before we explain the handicraft products from rattan available in Indonesia for this type of furniture, it helps us to know more about rattan, especially rattan in Indonesia. Rattan is a group of palms that grow to climb. Rattan grows in many tropical countries on the continent of Africa, Asia and Asutralasia. The rattan rod has a diameter of 2 – 5 cm, has a long segment and is not hollow. Rattan has long thorns as one of the natural self-defense facing herbivores.

In Indonesia alone many rattan plants are grown in tropical forest forests of Indonesia. Rattan in Indonesia comes from many islands of Java, Borneo, Sulawesi and Nusa Tenggara. No wonder if Indonesia becomes a supplier of 70% of world rattan needs. One of the famous products produced from rattan is furniture, so the indonesian rattan furniture industry is well developed. One interesting fact about rattan is that this plant can grow quickly and easily transported. So it is considered able to help keep forests sustainable because people like to harvest rattan than wood.

Indonesia Rattan Furniture - Plants

Indonesia Rattan In Forest

Ways of Processing & Type of Rattan

For rattan furniture industry needs to be processed first, because of the many thorns that exist in rattan. To produce rattan that is ready to be used for furniture crafts, first to be cleaned the existing thorns. After that rattan needs to be protected from mold with anti fungus. After that rattan can be used for example Peel (peel) / Sanded Peel, polished / semi-polished, made core, fitrit or star core.

Like other handicraft raw materials, rattan also has advantages and disadvantages especially when compared with wood. The advantages of rattan rather than wood are light, strong, elastic / easy to form, and cheap. The main weakness of rattan is easily exposed to “Pin Hole” powder flea. While the types of rattan are often used for the furniture industry are: Manau, Batang, Tohiti, Mandola, Tabu-Tabu, Suti, Sega, Lambang, Blubuk, Jawa, Pahit, Kubu, Lacak, Slimit, Cacing, Semambu, and Pulut.

Kinds Of Rattan Furniture From Indonesia

Because of its easy to form, rattan can be utilized into various types of furniture including: desks, chairs, sofas, beds to pet furniture. Here is an example picture of Indonesian furniture craft made from rattan.

Indonesia Rattan Furniture - Chairs

01. Wicker Rattan Chair

Indonesia Rattan Furniture - Table

02. Natural Wicker Rattan Table

Indonesia Rattan Furniture - Sofa Chair

03. Luxury Rattan Sofa

Indonesia Rattan Furniture - Wicker Rattan Bed

04. Rattan Wicker Bed

Indonesia Wicker Rattan Furniture - Rattan Drawers

05. Rattan Drawers

Outlook Rattan Furniture Design 2017

Design and furniture models are various type. In this new era like nowadays, we all know minimalist furniture style. Even though, some of the classic styles are still popular, but still need modifications to be suitable for size and models. Because today, people need smaller size for smaller space. Long time ago, people easy to find wide area for home living, so they need big size furniture with strong build material, because, they thought to use it for long time. And now, people love to buy simple and light furniture for their home. They can replace one another followed by the trend.

Besides, to make a set for furniture are not really necessary. Because, what’s popular today, is to mix and match single item with another. You can combine an rattan arm chair with colorful cushion with natural fiber sofa 2 seater with pastel color or conversely. Natural rattan become so popular right now, whether natural material is cheaper than synthetic or wood, natural rattan also light. That’s why, from now on, people love to furnishing their home living with natural rattan or natural fiber furniture. You can only bring natural ambience, but you can bring various themes with natural rattan and natural fiber furniture. Your indoor living room will be more cheerful and fun while put some of natural rattan arm chair combine with iron with colorful finishing or pattern cushion. Your lovely patio, will warmer in winter and shining at summer while put single daybed rattan or hanging chair made from natural rattan.

Rattan Furniture Care Tips

Every item needs good care to stay as well as the human body as well. Here are tips on caring for furniture from natural rattan that can be tried.

1. Wipe Wear Dry Cloth

As in general, rattan furniture require daily maintenance. The form of treatment is quite simple that is by wiping it with the help of dry cloth. Stains on the furniture will stick to the fabric and make it look clean.

2. Use Detergent to Clean the Wicker

The use of cloth alone has not been able to clean the sidelines of wicker rattan. Therefore, use detergent to make your work more effective. Do not forget afterwards also wiped dry. Avoid using chemical liquids because it can damage the rattan fiber. Routine do this once a month to keep the rattan clean in your home.

3. Avoid Damp and Scorching Places

The color of rattan will become duller when always exposed to the sun. Even so when placed in a humid place, the fungus is easy to grow on its surface. Always make sure your room is awake from these two damaging factors of this furniture. In order to maintain the charm, you can repaint it.

4. Take advantage of Kerosene and Camphor

In the previous article, has been described how to termite termites so as not to damage the furniture at home. You can take advantage of kerosene and camphor points (camphor). The way is easy, simply dissolve the camphor in a small bowl of kerosene and wipe evenly to the entire surface of the furniture. Thus termites will not attack your furniture.

5. Give the Wax Layer

Wax is a kind of paint commonly used to coat furniture. You can buy it in a building store because it is sold there a lot. How to use it is simply sprayed to the entire surface of the furniture evenly. The result, furniture looks more shiny and protected.

How To Buy Indonesia Rattan Furniture?

After seeing the number of furniture producers in Indonesia, how to have indonesia rattan furniture? If you want to buy wholesale, then Yanis Gallery is the right answer. We are a handicraft manufacturer since 1978. Yanis Gallery is from Yogyakarta Indonesia, a very strong province of Javanese culture. To be able to order Indonesian rattan furniture from us, the minimum order is 20 ft container with shipping through semabarion. Contact us at [email protected] for catalogs and further information.