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Indonesian Handicrafts Exporter – Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources. The country lies on the equator which makes it rich in rainfall. So many kinds of plants and animals are there. The country also has thousands of islands rich in rocks and natural minerals. In terms of tourism, this country also has many exotic attractions. So no wonder if Indonesia earned the nickname “Zamrud Katulistiwa”.

Indonesia and Handicrafts

Speaking of crafts, each region has its own craft style. It can be influenced by the culture as well as availability of existing handicraft matering. For example, a country located near the north pole is unlikely to have a handicraft made from water hyacinth, because the water hyacinth material is not there. More likely they do not have Javanese style, because the demographic divide is very far away.

Production room of Indonesian Handicrafts Exporter

Indonesia has a lot of materials to make handicrafts, whether it is sourced from plants, animals, rocks to metal, such as water hyacinth, coconut, rattan, teak, clams, leather, crocodile skin, stingray skin, ruby, sapphire, copper , silver, gold, diamonds and others. A gift from God for this country, and we as exporter of handicraft from Indonesia are proud of it.

In addition, Indonesia has many tribes, which makes the wealth of handicrafts more and more. Handicrafts from Sumatra Islan will be different from Java, different from Bali, Lombok, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua. More than 1300 more ethnic groups inhabit this Indonesia.

Yanis Gallery History

Yanis Gallery as one of the handicraft producers in Indonesia was founded in 1978. Yani’s name is taken from the name Mulyani, name of the founder wife. At the time of its establishment, Yanis Gallery made a silver handicraft business. But now, we are developing so that we can make various kinds of craft to order. Some examples of handicrafts we can make include wooden tables, chairs, old teak wood crafts, glass, luggage, batik, mannequin, jewelry and so on. We strive to provide optimal production to our customers who have come from all over the world.

Indonesian handicrafts exporter furnitur wall decor home decor antique supplier and wholesale

Contact Information

Phone : +62 274 451964

Email : [email protected]

Website : http://yanisgallery.com

Facebook : https://facebook.com/yanisgallery

Some of Products That We Can Make

We as handicrafts manufacturer and wholesaler in Indonesia can make many things of handicrafts. Here is some example of our works and list or our products that we can make.

Exclusive Dark Purple Luggage From Indonesia

Yanis Gallery – Dark Purple Luggage

colorful box indonesian hadicrafts online

Yanis Gallery – Purple Box Handicraft

Secret History of Kotagede Silver

Yanis Gallery – Silver Jewelry Product

List of products :

  • Fashion Jewelry : Bangles, Belts, Book Mark, Bracelets, Earrings, Key Chain, Necklaces, Rings, Sets, Wood Earrings, Boxes
  • Furniture : Bamboo, Banana Leaf, Rattan, Recycled Teak, Synthetic Rattan, Teak & Batyline, Teak Beds, Teak Chairs & Sofas, Teak Racks & Cabinets, Teak Root, Teak Tables, Teak Root Balls, Old Java Teak
  • Home decor : Fancy Lampshade, Flowers – Coconut Wood & Corn, Flowers – Natural, Glass Lanterns and Lampshades, Lampshades, Masks — Stick, Mirror Frames, Natural Flower, Painted Wooden Signs, Clocks, Masks Sand, Mosaic, Pencil Holders, Wooden Carvings, Woven Baskets
  • And of course other customized handicrafts.

The need for handicrafts around the world will continue to rise as the population grows. We are ready to provide both classic and contemporary handicraft needs to you and your company. Contact our contact for more information. Yanis Gallery – Indonesian Handicrafts Exporter

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