Kasongan – Indonesian Famous Terracotta Pottery Village

Terracotta Pottery Handicrafts – Indonesia have a lot of handicrafts materials. One of them is terracotta. We as one of Indonesian handicrafts exporter will introduce Kasongan Village. One of traditional village in Yogyakarta that product terracotta pottery such as jars, vases, mask, glass, plate, spoon, furnace and others. We hope you like it.


The history of the Kasongan village begins with the death of a Dutch-owned Horses horse over a rice field owned by a resident in a village in the southern city of Yogyakarta. Because the landlord was afraid of being sentenced by the Dutch, the landowner waived his land ownership which was followed by other citizens who also feared to be punished. A number of rice fields were finally recognized by other villagers. Residents who do not have the land of rice fields had finally started a new activity around his house, which is processing clay that was not broken if spun for kitchen equipment and also for toys.

In line with the development of the era, the craft items from clay or better known as pottery or pottery craft was developed to be more varied in accordance with the needs and desires of the market. Even the handicraft goods in Kasongan Village are not only clay / earthenware items, but now Kasongan residents have utilized other materials that are widely available in the surrounding environment such as coconut shells, bamboo, rattan, wood, and others to be processed into goods Ornaments that have a higher value. Expertise to make this pottery bequeathed hereditary to make Kasongan Village as an icon of pottery tourism village in Bantul regency.

Kasongan Tourism Village

Kasongan tourism village is a residential area of ​​the kundi, or pitcher or gundi, which means people who make a kind of pitcher, gendi, cauldron, and others belonging to kitchen appliances, also decorative items made of pottery or clay.

Until now Kasongan Village became one of the tourist destination in Yogyakarta city which is in great demand by tourists. The row of show rooms or gallery houses in this Kasongan tourism village offers handicraft items from pottery as well as from other materials such as jars, flower pots, decorative lamps, miniature transportation (becak, bicycle, car), various bags, sculptures, souvenirs For brides, as well as other interesting ornaments for display at home.

One of the legendary statues in Kasongan Village is the statue of Loro Blonyo. Loro Blonyo is a pair of brides who are believed to give good luck if placed in the house. We can see this statue in various poses. The statue was first introduced by Loro Blonyo Gallery which was adopted from the bride’s sculpture belonging to the Sultan’s Palace.

If you are interested to know more about the process of making the pottery, then some galleries offer short courses for you to follow. You can also see the process of making pottery in some production houses.


The village of Kasongan is located in the hamlet of Kajen, Bangunjiwo Village, Kasihan District, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta. If you leave Yogyakarta, go south to find the intersection of Dongkelan (intersection of South Ring Road – Jalan Bantul). Pick a road south through this Bantul Road. The journey from this Dongkelan intersection. It only takes about 10 minutes or 20 minutes from the city center. If you have reached the village of Kasongan tourism, you will be greeted by a gate into the village tour.

Terracotta Pottery Products

Clay can be processed into many products. Depending on creativity and demand. In general, ordinary clay is processed into the following products:

Indonesian Terracotta Pottery Products - vases

Flower Vases

Indonesian Terracotta Pottery Products - Ashtray

Unique Ashtray

Indonesian Terracotta Pottery Products - plate

Natural Plate

Indonesian Terracotta Pottery Products - glass

Colorful Glass

Indonesian Terracotta Pottery Products - mask


Indonesian Terracotta Pottery Products - Jar


Indonesian Terracotta Pottery Products - Furnace

Traditional Furnace

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