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Exclusive Leather – Indonesia, the country is famous for its enormous natural wealth. A variety of natural resources are here. Starting from minerals, wood, animals, fish, precious stones and many other things that exist. Speaking of Indonesia, the country is also famous for its many different cultures. Thousands of tribes exist in Indonesia, each has its own characteristics. Have you been on holiday to Indonesia? It never hurts to visit one of these paradise worlds.

One of the many natural resources in Indonesia is the skin. The country is a lot of animal species that can be used as raw materials for handicrafts, such as cow leather, buffalo skin, goat skin, snake skin, crocodile skin, stingray skin, horse skin to squirrel skin. Each skin has its own characteristics. For example, the pore pores of buffalo skin are wider than cowhide, so the skin texture is more rough. Scaly snake skin, will be different from the skin of stingrays. Interesting right?

real leather images from brodo

Authentic Leather Images by Brodo

Type of Leather Handicraft in Indonesia

If we imagine the craft of leather is just a bag or jacket. You’re wrong. With human creativity, there are many types of leather crafts that can be made by humans. Each country may have a distinctive leather craft that does not exist in any other country. This can happen due to differences in cultural style between countries in the world. For example, the united states certainly do not have shadow puppets as they exist in Indonesia. Understandable is not it?

For Indonesia itself, due to the various tribes that exist here, skin leather patterns in different regions will vary. The pattern of leather crafts in Yogyakarta will be different with Bali. That is for traditional craft with leather. But for the modern leather craft, the quality of materials and expertise of each leather craftsman himself. Some types of goods that can be made in Indonesia include:

  1. Leather wallet indonesia
  2. Leather backpack indonesia
  3. Leather bracelet indonesia
  4. Leather boots indonesia
  5. Leather belt indonesia
  6. Leather clutch indonesia
  7. Leather gloves indonesia
  8. Leather footwear indonesia
  9. Leather sandals indonesia
  10. Leather pouch indonesia
  11. Backpack leather indonesia
  12. Vegetable tanned leather indonesia
  13. Leather furniture indonesia
  14. Horween leather indonesia

Checking the Authenticity of the Skin

The amount of synthetic leather circulating is inevitable, due to technological advances. In quality can be a time when humans create a quality synthetic leather. However, genuine leather remains the people’s choice to date. How to check the authenticity of skin is as follows:

1. If you see our products above you may comment less interesting because many wrinkles and textures are not the same but it is one of the characteristics of the original leather shoes but if the shoes are made of synthetic leather or fake leather is usually neat and the same texture.

2. The typical genuine skin odor is the second factor how to distinguish the skin is whether or not the original product aroma is usually the smell of materials in the process of tanning, for example from vegetable materials it will smell like vegetable materials in cloth, do not hesitate to close the nose you and smell it but if it smells like rubber or vinyl enter the chemicals then the leather products may be from fake leather.

3. If you can see the product of leather shoes or other leather products in the form of sheet material then try pull the two ends of the leather sheet if the original skin then when you pull the sheet to the right and left then the increase in length will be more than you pull up and bottom but if synthetic or fake leather then the length of the brow will be equal.

4. Do not forget you try to feel the surface, if the original skin will be slippery but if the skin fake or synthetic will feel tight and sticky.

5. And if you can see from the side of the leather sheet it will be seen one layer of the original skin that is the skin layer itself but if the leather is said to consist of three layers of imitation leather lining, thin foam, and cloth.

6. If you want to know your real leather shoes or not, you can burn it just a little, if it is hard to burn it is genuine if flammable and burns will cause odor and leave marks like plastic.

7. The price of cow leather products is more or even very expensive when compared with fake leather.

Image Gallery Products From Indonesia Leather

In this gallery, we put product from various brand, both local or international. There is luggage from Louis Vuitton, shoe from indonesia brand Brodo and bags from Abekani & Bucini. Indonesian craftsmen can create various example of leather handicrafts.

Exclusive Leather Goods from Indonesia

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