Louis Vuitton Luggage, from Exclusive Leather to Canvas

Louis Vuitton Luggage – The Louis Vuitton Luggage collection is undeniably the most well-known luxury luggage collection in fashion history. Dating back to the late 1800’s Louis Vuitton himself was inspired to create a print that was instantly recognizable as LV and also as a symbol of luxury. More than 100 years on and the Monogram canvas is still widely worshipped with many young women dreaming of owning an LV bag.

History of the Brand

From wikipedia : The Louis Vuitton label was founded by Vuitton in 1854 on Rue Neuve des Capucines in Paris, France. Louis Vuitton had observed that the HJ Cave Osilite trunk could be easily stacked and in 1858, Vuitton introduced his flat-bottom trunks with trianon canvas, making them lightweight and airtight. Before the introduction of Vuitton’s trunks, rounded-top trunks were used, generally to promote water run off, and thus could not be stacked. It was Vuitton’s gray Trianon canvas flat trunk that allowed the ability to stack with ease for voyages. Many other luggagemakers imitated LV’s style and design.

Luckily, you no longer have to dream as our Louis Vuitton Luggage canvas collection includes a wide variety of styles from the mini “Horizon” to the cult “Alzer” and even many of the new styles including the most wanted “it bag” the “Bizten”.You’ve all seen the photos of the glamour A listers travelling around the world, hopping on and off planes all the while looking super glam. You’ve musty have also see the huge luggage trolley trailing behind them, stacked full of various luggage items, but look closer and you’ll see that without doubt there are several key piece of luggage that all of them carry.

All have been exceptionally popular traveling companion for decades. With their large interiors and ability is transform their shape they can store almost anything in the cavernous depths, hence why they have become so popular to travel with. No need to do battle with overhead compartments anymore, our replica bags will fit perfectly into almost any space.

LV Production

Louis Vuitton is one of the most counterfeited brands in the fashion world due to its image as a status symbol. Ironically, the signature Monogram Canvas was created to prevent counterfeiting. In 2004, Louis Vuitton fakes accounted for 18% of counterfeit accessories seized in the European Union. Since the 19th century, Louis Vuitton trunks have been made by hand. Contemporary Fashion gives a preview of the creation of the LV trunks: “The craftsmen line up the leather and canvas, tapping in the tiny nails one by one and securing the five-letter solid pick-proof brass locks with an individual handmade key, designed to allow the traveler to have only one key for all of his or her luggage. The wooden frames of each trunk are made of 30-year-old poplar that has been allowed to dry for at least four years. Each trunk has a serial number and can take up to 60 hours to make, and a suitcase as many as 15 hours.

Exclusive Luggage like LV from Indonesia

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