Natural And Exotic Bamboo Handicraft Products From Indonesia

Bamboo Handicraft Products– According to wikipedia, Bamboo is a type of grass plants with hollow and segment in the trunk. Bamboo has many types. Other names of bamboo are reed, aur, and eru. In this world bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants. Because it has a unique rhizome-dependent system, in a day the bamboo can grow as long as 60 cm (24 inches) even more, depending on the soil conditions and the climatology where it is planted

Interesting Facts About Bamboo

  • Renewable resources – Bamboo can be harvested in just 3-5 years compared to 20-50 years in most types of hardwoods. Bamboo biomass production is estimated to be around 20-30 tons per hectare / year.
  • Abundant – There are more than 1,500 species around the world, in Indonesia also found more than 100 species of bamboo that almost entirely can be utilized.
  • Stronger than steel – Certain bamboo types have a tensile strength (tensile) of up to 28,000 per inch, compared with 23,000 tensile steels per inch.
  • Increase farmer’s income – Bamboo grows in rural areas and is mostly owned by poor farmers. Utilizing bamboo sustainably can help increase farmers’ income.
  • Building a Safe Home – More than a billion people worldwide live in bamboo houses. In many instances, bamboo houses proved to be resistant to earthquake shocks.
  • Exotic, Beautiful – Bamboo is naturally beautiful and exotic materials, can be applied into a variety of useful products.

Benefits of Bamboo

Bamboo can be used for various purposes, including for culinary purposes, musical instruments, transportation, handicrafts to building materials.

Bamboo products

Indonesia as a country rich in bamboo, has the potential of bamboo crafts very much. Some types of bamboo handicraft products that can be made in Indonesia are:

01. Pencil Box

Bamboo Handicraft Product Pencil Box

02. Bamboo Guitar

Bamboo Handicraft Product - Guitar Music

03. Miniature Harley Davidson

Bamboo Handicraft Product - Harley Davidson Motor From Indonesian Bamboo

04. Miniature of Pedicap

Natural Bamboo Products - Miniature of Becak

05. Miniature of Drum

Natural Bamboo Products - Miniature of Drum

06. Tissue Box

Natural Bamboo Handicraft - Tissue Box

07. Lamp Holder

Natural Bamboo Products - Lighting Lamp Holder

08. Glass

Natural Bamboo Products - Glass from Bamboo

09. Bench

Natural Bamboo Handicrafts - BEnch

10. Miniature of Ship

Natural Bamboo Handicraft - Miniature of Ship

11. Keyboard

Natural Bamboo Handicraft - Keyboard for Computer

12. Natural Bags

Natural Bamboo Handicraft - Exotic Bags

13. Basket

Natural Bamboo Handicraft - Basket

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