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Natural Fiber Handicraft Supplier – Indonesia is a country with lots of natural resources. The country of more than 250 million is located in the Asia continent. Between the Pacific ocean and the Indian ocean. Indonesia’s natural resources in the form of petroleum, tin, natural gas, nickel, timber, bauxite, fertile soil, coal, gold and silver with the division of land consists of agricultural land by 10%, plantations by 7%, grassland 7% , Forests and forested areas by 62%, and others by 14% with irrigated land of 45,970 km.

Yanis gallery as one of natural fiber supplier in Indonesia feel grateful for God’s gift to this nation. We can make many kind of handicraft from various kinds of natural fiber available in Indonesia. There are several types of natural fiber are widely available in Indonesia, including:

1. Banana
Indonesia is the 7th largest banana producing country in the world. Consumption of bananas reached 45% of the existing fruit. The banana tree will die after the bananas are harvested. With a creative touch, banana tree skin can be processed into a variety of interesting handicrafts. Such as baskets, sandals, chairs to paintings.

2. Water Hyacinth
This plant lives around the swamp. Because Indonesia is tropical and has high rainfall. It naturally has a lot of swamps. Hyacinth is regarded as a pest by the community, but with perseverance to process it, various handicrafts can be created. Even become one of the mainstay of export products from Indonesia to many countries in America and Europe.

3. Palm Tree
Many types of palm in Indonesia. One of them is coconut. The fruit of this multi function can be taken the fiber to be processed into an interesting craft. Yes, craft from coconut husk. In addition, roots, stems and coconut shells can also be used for raw materials handicrafts.

5. Pandanus Leaves
Pandanus leaves are naturally used by many people for cooking spices and natural dyes. Pandan leaves can be woven into a variety of interesting crafts ranging from bags, wallets, sandals and so on.
After reading the types of natural fiber that many found in Indonesia. We can make various kinds of craft from these items. Here are the craft items that can be made from natural fiber. Yanis Gallery as one of natural fiber supplier from Indonesia can make according to your request.

Products From Natural Fiber :

1. Baskets

Natural Fiber Handicraft Supplier From Indonesia

01. Basket From Water Hyacinth

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2. Mat

Natural Fiber Supplier - Pandanus Mat

02. Pandanus Mat

3. Bags

Water Hyacinth bag - natural fiber supplier Indonesia

03. Water Hyacinth Bag

4. Wallet

Pandanus wallet - natural fiber products from Indonesia

04. Pandanus Wallet

5. Hats

Beautiful pandanus hat from Indonesia

05. Pandanus Hat

6. Sandals

Banana Bark sandals - natural fiber crafts from Indonesia 780x390

06. Banana Bark Sandals

Yanis Gallery is a manufacturer of handicrafts since 1978. We have a lot of experience in making good handicrafts that come from buffalo horn, wood, silver, banana rope and so on. It is great if we can meet the needs of natural fiber handicraft that your company needs. Yanis Gallery РIndonesian Handicrafts Exporter

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