Wonderful Old Java Teak Furniture From Indonesia

Old Java Teak Furniture – Indonesia has many natural resources that can be used to make crafts. One of them is teak wood. Plants with the Latin name Tectona grandis is one type of high-quality timber trees. Teak trees grow in areas with rainfall 1500 – 2000 mm / year and temperatures 27 – 36 C. And Indonesia is an area where teak trees can grow well.

Teak Wood in Indonesia

According to Raffles records in 1817, teak wood in Indonesia only grew in Java, Madura, Bali and Sumbawa and was not found in the Malay Peninsula and Sumatra. On a note from Heine in 1671, teak huta was found in Sulawesi on the islands of Muna and the island of Butung. In Java itself teak is found in several areas such as Besuki, Rembang, Blora, Cepu, Grobogan and Pati. There are still other areas that have teak forests as in Wonosari Yogyakarta. With many teak producing areas in Indonesia, the teak furniture industry is growing well.

Old Java Teak Furniture - Jati Plant

Benefits of Teak Wood

Wood that is famous for its durability, strength and beauty has long been used by the people of Indonesia. Another advantage of teak wood is resistant to termites. Before we talk about the utilization of teak wood in Java and in the world, it would not hurt us to study the types of teak according to the following Javanese. According to the properties of the wood, in Java one recognizes several types of teak (Mahfudz et al., T.t.):

  1. Teak lengo or teak night, has hard wood, heavy, feels smooth when touched and like contains oil (Jw .: lengo, oil, night, candle). Dark, many streaked and streaked.
  2. Teak is purple. Black, solid and heavy (Jw .: purple, horn).
  3. Teak werut, with hard wood and wavy fiber.
  4. Teak doreng, very hard wood with dark blue loreng color, very beautiful.
  5. Teak kembang.
  6. Teak chalk, wood is whitish because it contains a lot of lime. Less powerful and less durable.

Well, in general the utilization of teak wood is used by the Javanese community as building materials and furniture. Teak wood materials are often used for roof frames, pillars to house walls. As for teak furniture is used to make tables, chairs and cabinets.

Why Old Java Teak

The high economic value of teak makes the utilization of teak in Java becomes bigger than the growth of teak itself. Therefore, today many teak trees with young age have been logged for their timber. Young teak wood is not good quality. Old java teak or also known as rustic, recycled or reclaimed to be a solution to get good quality teak wood. Ancient Javanese people, choose teak wood is really old to be used as building materials or furniture. In addition to these reasons, there are things that are not less important, namely to keep the forest ecosystem in Indonesia remains sustainable. That is why its good option to choose old java teak furniture from Indonesia.

Old Java Teak Furniture Pictures

Old Java Teak Furniture - Chair

Carved Chair

Old Java Teak Furniture - Indonesian Style Small Cabinet

Small Java Teak Cabinet

Reclaimed Java Teak Coffee Table

Reclaimed Java Teak Coffee Table

Carved Recycled Java Teak Table

Carved Recycled Java Teak Table

Antique Old Java Teak Long Chair From Indonesia

Antique Old Java Teak Long Chair


Want To Order Old Java Teak?

If your answer is Yes, you can trust Yanis Gallery. We are a company located in Yogyakarta, central java Indonesia.We can create stunning pieces of recycled teak furniture for a beautiful home. Inspired by Western classicism yet forged by Javanese craftsmen, the Yanis Gallery is a collaboration of traditional Indonesian techniques and modern methods for refinement. Our singular pursuit is to produce beautiful recycled teak products that will stand the test of time. Our company receive teak collectors and traders, small businesses that are sustained by our long term approach to doing business, properly rewarded by our fair trading philosophy.

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