9 Reasons to Have a Wooden Dinnerware in Your Kitchen and Dining Room

Eating is one activity that must be done by humans. Because by eating, people get energy sources for activity. There are many ways to eat. In the past humans ate enough by hand. With advanced civilization, humans later found cutlery. One of the utensils ever and still used by humans is a wooden dinnerware.

The use of wood for cutlery and cookware is getting popular recently. Maybe you are one of the many people who think that this wood material is beautiful and funny when used to eat and cook everyday. But, know not if the actual advantages of wooden cutlery and cooking is not only limited in appearance only.

There are several types of cutlery that comes from wood. Among them: disposable wooden tableware, japanese wood tableware, acacia wood tableware and olive wood tableware. In addition there are many more types of kitchen tools and wooden cutlery. Each country has a variety of wood species. For example teak wood, mahogany, palm tree, sonokeling, coconut wood and so on.

What are the benefits and advantages of wooden cutlery and cookware compared to iron or plastic?

1. Naturally non-conductor

01. Reasons to Have a Wooden Dinnerware in Your Kitchen and Dining Room

If the cookware or iron spoon is left too long in a hot container while cooking, of course the tip of the spoon will heat up. This is because the iron that is nature is a natural conductor. How about plastic? Leaving plastic material into a cooking container may be dangerous because of the easy melt plastic material.

Unlike the two types mentioned above, the wood is not easy to drain the heat and will not melt easily. Cooking activities are safer and easier. Happy to be creative with different types of cuisine without fear of heat.

2. Not damage

Cooking with an iron cooker often leaves scratches on the surface of the pan like teflon, iron, or stainless steel. The “wound” on the cooking container should not be underestimated because the chemical contamination of Teflon or iron will affect the results of cooking which, if consumed, and harmful to the human body.

Wooden spatulas rarely leave scratches or berets on cooking pots. With the same use compared to iron spatula, wooden cooking tools are more durable and friendly. Expenses to buy cutlery can be saved more.

3. Natural and non-reactive

Wooden tableware and cooking will not react with the acid substances from food. A low-quality stainless steel or stainless spoon will usually leave the iron-like taste on the tongue and even change the taste of the food when used to scoop up foods that have high acids, eg lemon juice or tomato sauce.

Its non-reactive nature is also the reason why the average honey spoon uses wood. This is because to maintain the quality of honey when used or stored.

4. Anti-rust and non-corrosive

02. Reasons to Have a Wooden Dinnerware in Your Kitchen and Dining Room

Unlike iron, wood will not rust or become corrosive when exposed to acid. Plastic and plastic cooking utensils are actually anti-corrosive and non-corrosive, but plastics have no heat tolerance. Plastic chemicals are very easy to erode and consume through food into the body.

5. Comfortable to use

Comfort in cooking is one of the factors producing quality cuisine. The handle on wooden cutlery and cooking is very convenient because of its round shape on all sides. It makes cooking utensils and wooden cookware comfortable to wear.

Cooking activities that require you to stir in a long time would be more tiring if using a wooden tool that is comfortable and light when held.

6. More artistic

Creativity and artful designs of wooden cutlery and cookware provide a beautiful and elegant appearance. No wonder if the dinnerware and cook of wood is on display into kitchen decorations because it is unique and interesting.

If your friends or relatives love to dabble in the kitchen, cooking utensils and eating from this wood can be used as a gift selection that is not only useful, but also pleasing to the eye.

7. Long wear life

03. Reasons to Have a Wooden Dinnerware in Your Kitchen and Dining Room

Proper care will make wood-proof cooking and feeding utensils lasting all the time. Wood materials are generally very strong, resilient, and able to stir a very viscous liquid and crush the surface of the pan.

Problems of burning or burnt wood burning surfaces can also be solved easily by rubbing from sand paper. Until this paragraph, it is enough for you to buy some wooden dinnerware?

8. Anti bacteria

Research results show that wood has a natural ability to kill germs and bacteria. Bacteria are shown to grow more rapidly in cutlery and cookware than plastics and iron compared to those of wood.

According to Laurie Neverman from commonsensehome.com “In Plastic and Wooden Cutting Boards by Dean O. Cliver, Ph.D of UC Davis, they noted that ‘the U.S. Department of Agriculture tells us they have no scientific evidence to support their recommendation that plastic, rather than wooden cutting boards’.

The problem is that while it may seem like plastic is non-porous and can not absorb liquids, with the use of the surface being knife-scarred. This rough surface is exceptionally difficult to clean, even with bleach or running through the dishwasher. Wood, by contrast, shows the ability to halt the growth of bacteria applied to its surface. Both new and used wooden cutting boards maintain this ability equally well. “

9. Environmentally friendly

Wood is the best choice when it comes to eco friendly business. Obviously, because the wood itself comes from nature and contains no toxic substances at all. Some might argue that the use of wooden dinnerware and kitchenware would speed up deforestation? We can choose the official manufacturers or company of cutlery and wooden kitchen appliances, they will use wood with certificates. Not from deforestation.

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