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Unique, Natural, and Environmentally Handmade Wood Products

28 October 17 at 09:38

You certainly are familiar with handmade products that now can easily be found anywhere. Of the many handmade products on offer, the products with the wooden basic ingredients... (more)

Receive KITE IKM 2017

29 July 17 at 12:30

KITE IKM is the Import Ease of Export Destination for Small and Medium Industries. The KITE IKM Program was launched in 2017 by the Ministry of Finance of... (more)

Kasongan – Indonesian Famous Terracotta Pottery Village

22 June 17 at 15:27

Terracotta Pottery Handicrafts – Indonesia have a lot of handicrafts materials. One of them is terracotta. We as one of Indonesian handicrafts exporter will introduce Kasongan Village. One... (more)

Appreciation From the Minister of Trade in 1987

15 June 17 at 13:18

Yanis Gallery is one of the handicraft providers from Yogyakarta. We established since 1978 and have been serving many demand of handicraft items both from home and abroad.... (more)

Natural And Exotic Bamboo Handicraft Products From Indonesia

9 June 17 at 10:46

Bamboo Handicraft Products– According to wikipedia, Bamboo is a type of grass plants with hollow and segment in the trunk. Bamboo has many types. Other names of bamboo... (more)

Woodcarving in Jepara, Java

3 June 17 at 09:11

Indonesia’s wealth of cultural handicrafts is as diverse as its many cultures. Each month we explore the archipelago’s offerings through a different traditional craft. Jepara, on the north... (more)