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Historical Background of Wood Carving, Rattan and Umbrella Handicraft in Indonesia

7 June 17 at 15:11

In this article, we will show about historical background of wood carving, rattan handicrafts and umbrella handicrafts in Indonesia. This article are written by Satyawati Hadi. a. The... (more)

Yanis Gallery – Indonesian Handicrafts Exporter

7 June 17 at 14:10

Indonesian Handicrafts Exporter – Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources. The country lies on the equator which makes it rich in rainfall. So many kinds of... (more)

Woodcarving in Jepara, Java

3 June 17 at 09:11

Indonesia’s wealth of cultural handicrafts is as diverse as its many cultures. Each month we explore the archipelago’s offerings through a different traditional craft. Jepara, on the north... (more)