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Exhibition of Export Craft by Disperindag Yogyakarta

16 March 18 at 14:53

The Indonesian government has always supported the progress of the keraj industry in various places. One of them is the craft in Yogyakarta. This is evidenced by the... (more)

Grebeg UMKM, Attractive Exhibition in Yogyakarta

8 December 17 at 14:38

The construction of Kulon Progo new airport, New Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA) and Airport City give new hope for the expansion of DIY economic activity that will contribute... (more)

Code of ETHICS Training in Yanis Gallery

29 November 17 at 14:29

Yanis Gallery always strives to improve the understanding of the workplace to every employee. Therefore, the management of Yanis Gallery held training code of conduct. This training is... (more)

Chemical Handling Training 2017

11 September 17 at 09:56

Yanis Gallery as one of the handicraft companies in Indonesia continues to maintain the safety commitment for its employees. We realize that every job has its own risks.... (more)

2017 Fire Extinguisher Training at Yanis Gallery

19 July 17 at 08:51

Yanis Gallery as one of the handicraft company in Indonesia always strives to improve the security standard for every employee. As a handicraft company, many raw materials are... (more)