Unique Palm Tree Furniture From Indonesia

Palm Tree Furniture – Indonesia has a land area of ​​1,922,570 km and an area of ​​3,257,483 km of water. With the vast area, the potential of Indonesia’s natural resources is very abundant. Starting from the agricultural sector, fisheries, livestock and plantation. No wonder this country became one of the most popular investors to invest in many sector. Included also in oil palm plantations.

History of Palm Oil in Indonesia

Before we discuss the furniture of palm oil, we try to flashback the history of oil palm plantations in Indonesia, because oil palm is not native to Indonesia. The Dutch East Indies government knew in 1848 to bring palm oil and planted in the Bogor Botanical Garden. As for oil palm plantations began to be opened in 1911 by Adrien Hallet, a Belgian who lives in Indonesia. The first palm oil plantations opened in the Deli area of ​​Sumatra and Aceh.

Palm tree agriculture in Indonesia

Oil Palm Plantation

Oil Palm Producing Areas in Indonesia

The clearing of land for palm oil in Indonesia is currently not only on the island of Sumatra alone. Other areas such as in Java, Kalimantan and Sulawesi are also widely practiced oil palm cultivation. In Sumatra itself, palm oil is common in Aceh, North Sumatra, South Sumatra, Riau, Jambi and Lampung.

Utilization of Oil Palm

In general, oil palm is taken fruit which is then processed into palm oil, margarine, cosmetic ingredients and so on. While the rest of pengolana fruit oil palm is used as a compost and fodder. While palm oil can be processed into various kinds of handicrafts and furniture.

Influences on Forests

The clearing of oil palm plantations continues to cause fewer tropical rain forests in Indonesia. This is what the environmentalists are concerned about, the diversity of Indonesian flora and fauna is threatened by this activity.

Utilization of Palm Oil

Each plantation plant has a productive age. After reaching the productive age, the plant will be replaced with younger ones. The wood from the unproductive palm trees is then utilized for the manufacture of handicrafts and furniture. For the types of furniture that can be made from oil palm wood such as Desk, Chair, Fence and Cupboard.

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Indonesian Palm Wood Furniture Products

Indonesia Palm Tree Furniture - Cabinet

Palm Tree Cabinet

Indonesia Palm Tree Furniture - Pot

Palm Tree Unique Pot

Palm Tree Furniture From Indonesia - Chair dan Table

Chair and Table Palm Tree Wood

How to Order Palm Wood Furniture?

Yanis Gallery is a Business to Business (B2B) company in handicrafts. We established in 1978 and already have a lot of experience in the field of handicrafts. To order palm tree furniture, please email us at [email protected]. We will gladly answer and fulfill your demand for handicraft furniture of palm oil.

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