Wholesale Wooden Bowl For Sale From Indonesia

Wholesale Wooden Bowl For Sale – Indonesia has tremendous timber potential. This country has a tropical climate that causes a lot of wood species. Wood can be used to make many kinds of goods. Among handicrafts made from wood are: tables, chairs, benches, cabinets, masks, until the bowl.

Type of wood in Indonesia is very much. Among the teak, mahogany, sengon, coconut, ulin and so forth. Each wood has its own characteristics. Among the types of wood, teak is still the main choice in the furniture industry in Indonesia. Due to the huge demand for teak, it is feared there will be deforestation. Therefore, the utilization of wood so old / used to be a good solution to the present.

Making handicrafts of wooden bowls is a rarity we know. Because it is commonly used for wood furniture industry both export and domestic purposes. The famous wooden furniture comes from Jepara. The result of wood carving Jepara handicraft such as tables, chairs, cabinets and benches. We as Indonesia Handicraft Exporter can create magnificent old java teak furniture too.

In addition to being a wooden bowl, wood can also be used to make trays, spoons, glasses, dishes and other kitchen utensils. We can make cutlery in the form of wooden bowl in large quantities for export to America / United State, Russia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy and England. Not close to the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates. Wooden tableware will look more natural and exotic. Consider some examples of this wooden bowl.

Wooden bowl natural handmade

01. Natural Wooden Bowl

Wooden bowl black and white

02. Natural Wooden Bowl

White wholesaler wooden bowl

03. Natural Wooden Bowl

Wooden bowl handicraft indonesia supplier

04. Natural Wooden Bowl

Wooden bowl wholesaler indonesia handicraft exporter

05. Natural Wooden Bowl

Wooden bowl natural indonesia handicraft manufacturer

06. Natural Wooden Bowl

Indonesia wooden bowls. This is large bowl made of wood from Indonesia. Hand carved wooden bowls made in Indonesia. Round bowls made of wood suitable as kitchen ware or even planter. Available in various sizes and shapes. Not only round as shown here.


How to Order Wholesale Wooden Bowl?

We’re Indonesian producer and wholesaler company for wooden bowls. We manufacture and export wood bowls in good quality and reasonable price. Are you importer company looking for wooden bowls factory or wooden bowls manufacturer in Yogyakarta Java Indonesia. If you need wooden bowls from Indonesia in large quantity and reasonable price, then we’re perhaps the right choice for you. We’re able to produce thousands of wooden bowls a month. We have enough craftsmen and wood to produce wooden bowls in large quantity.

Once more, we are wooden bowls factory Indonesia. We have enough resources (wood and craftsmen) to produce thousand bowls a month. We have good network of Indonesian craftsmen capable in producing wooden bowls in large quantity with very competitive price.

Here’s reasons why you should order wooden bowls from us:

Good quality wooden bowls

These wood bowls made by skill hand of Indonesian craftsmen with years of experience working with wood

Properly dried wood

When buying wooden products, the dryness of the wood is the main priority. Wet wood produce mold and will crack in dry climate.We properly dried the wood before adding finish

Reasonable price

These wooden bowls made by network of Indonesian traditional craftsmen in half finish condition. Our company then completed by sanding and finishing the wooden bowls. By using network of craftsmen, we’re able to produce quality wooden bowls in reasonable price. Better price than wooden bowls produce by factory with expensive machines and high overhead costs.

Experience in Handling Exports

Our company CV Yanis Gallery is a registered Indonesian company. We’ve been exporting wooden products from Indonesia for years. We know how to deal with shipping company, prepare export documents and insurance. We know how to deal with wood, how to use moisture content meter (MC meter) and how to make good packaging for wooden products. We use also container desiccant and dehumidifiers (Super Dry).

We’re able to produce large quantity in short time

We have a network of craftsmen to produce wooden bowls. This crafts men network able to produce thousand wooden bowls a month. If you need wooden bowls in large quantity, we’re here for you.

Yanis Gallery is a Business to Business (B2B) handicraft company in Indonesia. We established in 1978 and already have a lot of experience in the field of handicrafts. To order Indonesian wooden bowl, please email us at [email protected]. We will gladly answer and fulfill your request. ¬†Wooden Bowl For Sale


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