10 Wood Handmade Products Frequently Sold in Indonesia

As we have discussed previously, wood is one of the most commonly used materials for handmade products. Thanks to its beautiful texture and color, its high strength and durability, and its relatively light weight, all wooden handmade products, whether large or small, have the appearance, quality and of course a high enough selling price, but worth what the buyer will buy.

In this article, we will discuss what handmade products are often made using wood materials.

1. Furniture

This one must be obvious and is the most wooden handmade product made using wood. When compared to the ones made of iron or plastic, furniture or wooden furniture has a more elegant appearance because it has a more natural color and appearance that can be formed so that it has a detail and a touch of class. In addition, wood furniture is also strong and durable, but still light. Some wooden furniture such as teak wood is even resistant to termites and weather.

Some examples of furniture often made of wood include wooden tables, wooden chairs, wooden shelves, wall decorations, wooden storage boxes, and so on.

2. Tableware and cookware

02. Reasons to Have a Wooden Dinnerware in Your Kitchen and Dining Room

Wooden cooking and feeding is also one of the most common wooden handmade products. Just like furniture, cutlery and wooden cooking also have a more elegant and classy appearance. The forms are also usually also unique and different. In addition, wooden cooking and cutlery is safer because it does not damage other surfaces such as teflon, and is more heat resistant than plastic tools. Types of wooden tableware that you can find in Indonesia is very much, ranging from plates, bowls, spoons, forks, chopsticks, even to the glass.

3. Lights

Who says wood can not be used as a base material to make a cradle or lampholder? As long as the design and manufacturing process is done well and correctly, you can get wood lamps that remain safe to use. In addition, because wood materials are usually more easily shaped, the designs of these wooden lamps are also usually unique and attract attention.

Today, almost all types of wood lamps have been made and sold by Indonesian craftsmen, ranging from light sleeping, reading / learning lamps, hanging lamps, wall lamps, and so forth.

4. Accessories

Wood is also often used as materials to make wood accessories, both for men and women. In addition to its unique texture, because it is easily shaped and carved, wooden accessories are usually easier to make into attractive and detailed accessories. In addition, some wood materials such as wood Kokka also believed to have good properties of the body. There are also those who, whether true or not, are believed to have the property to keep away from disasters and such (again, whether or not we really do not know).

Generally, accessories made using wood are wooden bracelets and wooden necklaces. But, now also began to appear smaller accessories such as wooden rings and wooden earrings. The use of timber also varies. There are make it as a complementary main ingredients but there are also who use wood as the main ingredient accessories.

5. Glasses

Well, this handmade wood product is quite unique. By shape, these wooden glasses are actually not much different from ordinary glasses made of plastic or iron. But, in appearance, wooden glasses certainly look more attractive and unique thanks to wood fiber and natural color. In addition, this product is more environmentally friendly because it is clearly made of wood, and the wood used is usually taken from waste or other wood products from other products. In Indonesia, there are already many craftsmen who sell wooden glasses, be it sunglasses or regular glasses for visual aids.

6. Watches

This wooden handmade product is equally unique. Just like wooden glasses, wooden watches also have a shape similar to regular watches, but more natural and attractive appearance. The material is also natural and environmentally friendly because it uses waste wood or other product manufacturing waste.

7. Sandals / footwear

Wood is also an important ingredient in making footwear, especially sandals. Its strong natural properties and durable would be one reason. In addition, because it is easily shaped, the wood material also allows craftsmen to make shoes that are accompanied by unique touches such as carvings and such. And because the texture is good, not infrequently a wooden spoon is not painted or coated with other materials, so the fiber shape and texture of the wood remains visible.

Typically, wood is used for footwear such as sandals and ladies shoes such as high heels or wedges, but only for the base, while the top uses other materials such as leather or cloth. But, sometimes there are also making footwear that is entirely of wood, or even wooden shoes.

8. Casing smartphones and gadgets

Another unique wooden handmade product besides glasses and wooden watches is a wooden gadget case. Because each wood fiber case is different, each wooden casing that is produced is guaranteed unique and the only one. In addition, this wooden casing is also usually added extra touches such as carvings, whether pre-determined or custom or you can order specifically, thus making this wood casing more unique.

The wooden casing that you can now find is generally the case for smartphones and tablets. In addition to the smartphone casing there is also a make and sell wood casing for macbook, even to bag for macbook.

9. Musical instruments

There are many musical instruments that use wood as the base material, ranging from stringed instruments such as guitar and bass, to musical instruments like drum beat. But, unlike other products, wood materials on musical instruments will not only support the appearance and durability, but also determine the quality and type of sound issued by the instrument itself. Yes, because each wood has a different texture and fiber, it makes sense that each wood will produce a different sound in one instrument. So, if one day you want to buy a musical instrument that uses wood like a guitar, make sure you know the type of wood used in the instrument so that you get a musical instrument that sounds the way you want it.

As mentioned earlier, there are many musical instruments made of wood, ranging from modern ones such as guitar, piano, cajon, and violin, to traditional musical instruments such as kulintang and drum.

10. Toys

The last wooden handmade product on this list is toys. From the first, we must have often seen wooden blocks made of wood to be played. But, as the times progress, there are now many wooden toys that are unique in shape and are liked by all ages. In addition, once again, because it is made of wood that has an interesting texture, this wooden toy can also serve as a decoration in the house.

Some examples of unique wooden toys include wooden puppets and 3D wooden puzzles whose varying degrees vary depending on the shape and number of pieces. Oh, and although it comes from Japan, but in Indonesia there are also people who make and sell kendama.


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