Wood Jewelry Display Supplier From Indonesia

Wood Jewelry Display Supplier – Indonesia has tremendous timber potential. This country has a tropical climate that causes a lot of wood species. Wood can be used to make many kinds of goods. Among handicrafts made from wood are: tables, chairs, benches, cabinets, masks, until the bowl. With many kind of magnificent wood, we can make jewelry display like : Bracelet Displays, Cones, Countertop Displays, Display Hands, Earring Displays, Glass Necklace Displays, Jewelry Display Sets, Necklace Displays, Ring Displays, T-Bar Displays, Watch Displays, Wood Displays and others.

Wood & Handicraft in Indonesia

Type of wood in Indonesia is very much. There are teak, mahogany, sengon, coconut, ulin and so forth. Each wood has its own characteristics. Among the types of wood, teak is still the main choice in the furniture industry in Indonesia. Due to the huge demand for teak, it is feared there will be deforestation. Therefore, the utilization of wood so old / used to be a good solution to the present.

Making handicrafts of wooden jewelry display is a rarity we know. Because it is commonly used for wood furniture industry both export and domestic purposes. The furniture that usually we can produce such as tables, chairs, cabinets and benches. We as Indonesia Handicraft Exporter can create magnificent wood jewelry display too.

Little Brief About Jewelry

According to www.vam.ac.uk “Jewellery is a universal form of adornment. Jewellery made from shells, stone and bones survives from prehistoric times. It is likely that from an early date it was worn as a protection from the dangers of life or as a mark of status or rank. In the ancient world the discovery of how to work metals was an important stage in the development of the art of jewellery. Over time, metalworking techniques became more sophisticated and decoration more intricate.”

Exclusive Wood Jewelry Display, Bracelet Displays Cones Countertop Displays Display Hands Earring Displays Glass Necklace Displays Jewelry Display Sets Necklace Displays Ring Displays T-Bar Displays Watch Displays Wood Displays

Wooden Jewelry Display

Why Need Jewelry Holder

Your store’s jewelry displays will either entice the potential buyer to take a closer look or fail to create interest. Jewelry displays call attention not towards themselves but the jewelry within, thereby drawing the potential customer in for a better look. At Yanis Gallery Handicraft Manufacturer, we provide retailers with the retail jewelry displays and accessories they need to display jewelry in the most effective way possible. It is important to reflect the unique personality of your business when creating your jewelry displays. An effective wood jewelry display can be an exercise in straddling that line between style and restraint.

It can be easy to go overboard with different backgrounds and props. Remember, the jewelry is the star of the show. A busy or cluttered display will only serve to detract from the merchandise on display. Consider displaying much of your jewelry in one of our many gift boxes or earring stands, surrounded by select jewelry pieces from the collection, further accented by patterned backgrounds. Think about the colors and textures you choose to incorporate into a single display. A unified look is key to your sales success. If the retail jewelry display is too visually stimulating, you may miss selling the product all together. A presentation with limited color and pattern tends to amplify the display’s importance and raise the perceived value of your merchandise. A good rule of thumb is to incorporate no more than three colors or three patterns into your display.

Vary the height of your jewelry displays. Consider placing some jewelry pieces at unusual angles – anything to create visual impact and encourage eye movement throughout your display. Give your best, most eye-catching pieces the star treatment. Place them in the most prominent places. Here at Yanis Gallery, you’ll find everything you need to create the most effective, professional looking jewelry displays. You’ll find attractive jewelry gift boxes, jewelry pouches, wrapping and tissue paper, all designed to enhance the perceived value of your merchandise. Shop from our top-quality stands, easels and necklace busts in a variety of styles, colors and finishes. Best of all, when you purchase from Yanis Gallery, you get uncompromising value and superior customer service.

Acacia Wood Jewelry Display for Necklace, earing, ring watch

White Wood Jewelry Holder, Including Necklace Holder

Necklace Jewelry Display

Necklace displays made of wood from Yogyakarta Indonesia. Wooden bust to showcase your necklaces and choker. Exotic and beautiful look, suitable to hold your necklaces. These necklace holder and stand available in various sizes and always low price. Direct from Island of Bali, home of literally thousands of wood craft mens. Why use cheap acrylic jewelry display or velvet jewelry display to showcase your necklaces ? Use our wooden jewellery displays instead. These necklace stands will make your necklaces look even more beautiful and natural. We can make these necklace stand from various wood like teak, acacia, coconut tree, mahogany and others. Made to order only. Order in advance.

Jewelry displays in wood wrapped with natural rope. Wooden busts and other jewelry holders such as rings and bracelets holders. All made of wood combined with natural wicker wrapped around the wooden displays. All of our jewelry displays is possible to make with this natural ropes or wicker. Beautiful and natural look suitable to use together with our exotic fashion accessories and jewelry. Our ethnic style accessories necklaces almost all of them contains exotic materials such as mother of pearl shell, abalone or pawa shells and wood. Beautiful to look and wear. Please order our store fixtures made of wood below. We’re factory and producer in Yogyakarta. Buy direct and get good price. Contact us now to order wood jewelry display, we give prompt reply.

Wooden bust for necklace holder as jewelry stands and store fixture from Yogyakarta Indonesia. Buying jewellery holders for necklace, bracelets and earrings from us meaning you buying direct from the jewelry displays factory in Yogyakarta Indonesia, same province with Bali Indonesia. Handmade in Yogyakarta. Jewelry stands and package products in wood.

Kind of Jewelry Display

Providers of jewelry displays and jewelry display supplies, including necklace displays and jewelry mannequins, Jewelry making tools & jewelry displays for the jeweler, hobbyist and craftsman. Indonesia Wooden Accessories Displays, Organic Displayed from Yogyakarta Indonesia.

  1. Bracelet Displays
  2. Cones
  3. Countertop Displays
  4. Display Hands
  5. Earring Displays
  6. Glass Necklace Displays
  7. Jewelry Display Sets
  8. Necklace Displays
  9. Ring Displays
  10. T-Bar Displays
  11. Watch Displays
  12. Wood Displays
Wooden Jewelry Holder, Beautiful Display for Your Store

Wood Jewelry Display from Indonesia

Why Buy from Us

Here’s reasons why you should order Wooden Jewelry Display from us:

Good quality wooden jewelry display

These wood jewelry display made by skill hand of Indonesian craftsmen with years of experience working with wood

Properly dried wood

When buying wooden products, the dryness of the wood is the main priority. Wet wood produce mold and will crack in dry climate.We properly dried the wood before adding finish

Reasonable price

These wooden jewelry display made by network of Indonesian traditional craftsmen in half finish condition. Our company then completed by sanding and finishing the wooden jewelry display. By using network of craftsmen, we’re able to produce quality wooden bowls in reasonable price. Better price than wooden bowls produce by factory with expensive machines and high overhead costs.

Experience in Handling Exports

Our company CV Yanis Gallery is a registered Indonesian company. We’ve been exporting wooden products from Indonesia for years. We know how to deal with shipping company, prepare export documents and insurance. We know how to deal with wood, how to use moisture content meter (MC meter) and how to make good packaging for wooden products. We use also container desiccant and dehumidifiers (Super Dry).

We’re able to produce large quantity in short time

We have a network of craftsmen to produce wooden jewelry display. This craftsmen network able to produce thousand and many kind of wood jewelry display in a month. If you need wooden jewelry display in large quantity, we’re here for you.

Want To Order Wood Jewelry Display From Indonesia?

If your answer is Yes, you can trust Yanis Gallery. We are a company located in Yogyakarta, central java Indonesia. We can create stunning pieces of wood jewelry holder for a your beautiful jewelry shop. Inspired by Western classicism yet forged by Javanese craftsmen, the Yanis Gallery is a collaboration of traditional Indonesian techniques and modern methods for refinement. Our singular pursuit is to produce beautiful jewelry display products that will stand the test of time. Our company can make custom design for jewelry display, small businesses that are sustained by our long term approach to doing business, properly rewarded by our fair trading philosophy. Let me know your need at [email protected] , we can be your best choice for handicraft company / handicraft supplier / handicraft manufacturer from Indonesia.

Thank you for doing business with us. Your order help us provide jobs to many people and our employees family. Jewelry holders in wood from Yogyakarta Indonesia, same region with Bali Indonesia. Exotic and natural look for your beautiful jewelry. We have complete catalog of necklace holders (wooden bust), bracelet stands, rings and other jewelry stand. We’re jewelry holders factory and manufacturer in Yogyakarta. If you need wholesaler and exporter company for all kind of wooden displays, we’re here for you. Call or email us, we give quick response. Good quality and reasonable price. We’ve been exporting many handicraft to many countries including USA, north America, south America, Europe, Caribbean. If can’t buy in bulk, please contact us for your local distributor of our wood jewelry display or stands.



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