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Humans need a lot of tools for life. Therefore, many tools are created by humans. Starting from simple tools and sophisticated tools. Although modern times, there are still many simple tools needed by humans, wicker baskets is one example. In this paper, we will discuss about wicker baskets, but not only that, we will write information about kinds, types, techniques and woven products available. The last, if you need wholesale wicker basket from Indonesia, just feel free to contact us. The details of the sub-theme sections we have written are as follows.

  1. Various kinds of webbing
  2. Type of webbing
  3. Woven technique
  4. Woven products
  5. Woven basket
  6. Example of wicker basket
  7. How to Order Woven Baskets

Rattan Tree, source flickr

Various kinds of webbing

  1. Woven Mengkuang, made of leaves menguang, example: mats, hoods, and others.
  2. Woven Pandan, made of pandanus leaves, for example: praying mats, wall hangings.
  3. Woven Rack, made of suitable types of reeds, for example: baskets for used clothes, nyiru, beg and others.
  4. Rattan weaving, made of processed rattan, for example: baskets for used clothes, cradle of children and others.
  5. Wicker Lidi, made from coconut palm, example: lekar.
  6. Plaited Thousand, made from nail plant fern of thousands-thousand, for example: place of tobacco, basket, and others.

Types of Webbing

Viewed from its physical characteristics, generally weaving is divided into three types, namely as follows:

1. Flat webbing

This type of webbing is made flat and wide flat. Flat webbing is usually used as a traditional house booth, mats, room divider and other decorative items. Flat woven can be formed with various patterns and shapes. Of course, the formation of this pattern requires extra shrewdness of hand and precision in forming patterns and groove webbing. As wicker basket manufacturer / supplier / company from Indonesia, we can provide you woven wicker basket with this technique.

3 D Woven Technique

2. Three Dimensional Woven

Woven three-dimensional tangible three-dimensional objects a product of craft objects. This webbing is the development of a form of traditional woven which has a simple shape but has been further developed and emphasized on the value of art and its higher functionality. For example, bags, chairs, containers and lamps.

3. Macrame

Art node makrame collects material only with hand expertise with the help of a hook tool that functions the same as a needle. In the makrame art arts knot knot is the main technique for creating a connection in a craft work. Some makrame craft that uses makrame techniques such as tablecloth, doormat, coat, and souvenir

Woven Techniques

Single webbing

Single woven technique is a technique in which bamboo is woven one by one (singly). How, bamboo woven step by step, one by one by entering it crossed. This technique is used to create objects such as filters, trays, ceramics, and others.

Wicker booth

This wicker cultivation technique is also called two-two weaving techniques. Bamboo is woven with crossed techniques in sequence and at the same time. How, bamboo woven across alternately from left and from right. Such weaving techniques are usually used for making booths and nyiru.

Woven lotus

Lotus plait technique is a bamboo nan weaving technique quite difficult. This technique will produce a form of woven bamboo nan artistic and beautiful. How, bamboo is made like boxes resembling the lotus flower and made blocks on various sides. This weaving technique is usually applied for making booths. It aims to make the booth look more latif and artistic.

Wicker Basket source this

Woven clove flower

This technique is also quite difficult such as lotus weaving techniques. Woven nan produced will form a longish pattern resembling clove nan. Woven techniques such as these are usually found on fans, tolok, sangku, or other woven objects.

Woven three axis

This technique is the same as woven booth technique, just keep in mind that flat objects, ie feed and warp that will be woven arranged in three directions. This technique provides an opportunity to obtain a wicked three-axis woven and three-axis plaited, while woven three axes meet with a hexagonal shape pattern (rectangular hexagon) or rhombus.

Woven four axes

This webbing technique has the principle of inserting and laying flat objects ie feed and warp in each other different direction. It’s just different flat objects here are more numerous (four axes). Type of woven four axes including the type of webbing with holes in the form of octagonal pattern (octagonal irregular).

Woven Products

The development of creative ideas driven by the increasingly diverse needs, the craftsmen make various innovations in wicker products. Here are some types of products from the development of wicker products.

1. Lampion

Woven lanterns are three-dimensional woven arts and include woven reeds (bamboo or aur). Feathers are one of a kind of grass species, such as weeds, and maize.

2. Word

The word is a basket that is woven from a coconut leaf that is equipped with a strap to be used to bring the produce of the field. This word is an applied three-dimensional woven art. The word consists of several types, among others, the word mapa, kowe words, and the word manu.

3. Mat

Mat is the most woven and woven by using palm leaves or pandan leaves. Its use as a sleeping device and a large mat used to dry rice. In addition, mats are also used as a seat for guests.

4. Wall boundary

Wall boundary is a kind of flat webbing which consists of woven pattern derived from bamboo that has been flaked.

Woven Basket

Woven baskets are widely used by humans. We can use wicker baskets for dirty clothes for example. Woven baskets can also be used to add beautiful decoration of our room. The existence of wicker baskets will add a natural impression from our room. Woven baskets can be made from a variety of natural materials. We can make wicker basket from rattan, bamboo, water hyacinth, coconut leaves, banana peel and others. Each material has its own character, so the results will also have their own uniqueness. Woven baskets can also be modified with a cover and handle. Handle alone can be combined with metal, buffalo horn, wood, leather or other materials.

Example of wicker basket

There are many types of wicker baskets, among them are as follows:

Source : instagram

Order Basket of Woven

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